Fun, Play & Learning

Our Thoughts on Learning

At Cradle to Crayons, we believe that early childhood is a time of wonder and should be a celebration of the learning journey. We aim to provide a welcoming and engaging, learning and care environment where the needs, rights and expectations of every child and family in the wider Bundaberg community can be met. In so doing, we aim to lay the foundation for a future where tolerance, respect and diversity are fully embraced.

Some other key elements of our philosophy are:

Supporting the role of the family as the child’s first teacher
This enables our educators to work towards a deeper understanding of the people, cultures and communities that influence the children’s lives.

Striving for genuine and sustainable reconciliation
We believe that by teaching about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and perspectives (particularly that of the Taribelang people and Gooreng Gooreng Tribes) we can lead to improved outcomes for Indigenous peoples across our community.

Using the environment as a ‘third teacher’
We strive to create beautiful physical environments where nature, colour and design are celebrated, where there are opportunities to explore, investigate and wonder and where the artistic creations of our children are embraced.

Seeing children as competent and capable
We believe that learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. As such, opportunities, experiences and resources should be flexible, varied and open-ended to allow the exploration and discovery of new ideas.

Returning Nature Play to childhood
We believe that nature play is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. Children who have had reasonable exposure to risky situations are more likely to develop responsible attitudes towards risk later in life.

Prioritising Language Learning
Language allows children to organise their thoughts and explain their ideas. By implementing strategies from the Abecedarian Approach, we aim to support families and to improve children’s early development and their school achievement.

Involving Movement in the Learning Process
Movement plays a major role in early childhood development so we incorporated The Moving Smart Program into our curriculum. This provides children with all they need to achieve optimal physical and neurologic development and develop solid foundations for a lifetime of learning.

Our Team

When our Bundaberg long day care centre first opened, we had two staff members and six children in our care. Since then, we’ve expanded to 22 educators with more than 100 children enrolled!

Our team is made up of educators who possess a passion for working in early childhood care and education and receive ongoing training to ensure we are providing the latest and best care for your child.

Owners Dianne & Gary Luthe and our qualified early childhood educators use play-based learning activities and intentional teaching for children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years old.

We draw upon each educator’s unique combination of knowledge, experience and talents to work together creatively and effectively as a team and a family.

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Our Facilities

Our facility provides research-based learning and childcare in Bundaberg with a 14,500m2 adjoining nature block for unstructured play. At Cradle to Crayons Education & Care we provide specifically designed rooms for each age group.

Babies – 6 Weeks to 15 Months
At our early learning centre, our baby room caters for 8 children with educators keeping their routine as close to home as possible. We also provide plenty of opportunities for babies to develop their sense of taste and touch, to play and learn in their surroundings and to socialise with others.

Toddlers – 15 Months to 3 Years
Our toddler educators can look after 14 kids in a classroom designed to help develop motor skills and encourage a love of learning. We organise several fun indoor and outdoor activities to begin introducing numeracy, literacy and artistic abilities.

Pre-kindy – 3 Years to 4 Years
In pre-kindy, our educators focus on developing children’s independence, coordination and muscle growth through various sports and outdoor activities. We also provide interactive lessons through dance, music and play to increase brain activity. Our pre-kindy room also prepares up to 22 children for the kindy class by practising reading, writing and counting.

Kindy – 4 Years to 6 Years
Through a play-based curriculum, we aim to give your child the best possible start before they enter primary education. Our kindy program is approved by the Queensland Government, taught by our ACECQA approved early childhood teacher and caters for up to 22 children.