Programs & Curriculum

Our early learning programs

At Cradle to Crayons Education & Care in Bundaberg, we value the importance of using playbased programs. Our educators are all fully trained and plan lessons based on the latest research. 

We offer a range of activities throughout the day to develop language, cognitive, socialemotional and physical skills. We also have a Reconciliation Action Plan in place to promote pride and knowledge of the culture, histories and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 

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Childrens Playing in Bundaberg North, QLD

Exposure to a second language at an early age can help encourage your child to learn languages later in life. We use the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program, an initiative from the Australian Government, to teach our kindergarten class Spanish. 

We are one of the many centres in Queensland providing this digital language program to our class. Through an interactive tablet app called The Polygots, the children are introduced to words, sentences and songs in another language. 

The app also helps develop cognitive and social skills, memory, concentration and critical thinking. To ensure we follow the recommended screen for young children (40 minutes per week), our educators plan multiple small sessions throughout the week. 

The ELLA app can only work within a closed system, however, there is a family version you can use with your children at home. Ask our educators about the program or you can visit the ELLA website.

Moving Smart

As a child begins to move, they are not only developing physical capabilities but also building the brain. Our educators are fully trained in courses from Moving Smart, founded by Gill Connell.

The program has allowed us to explore the impact simple movements can make in how your child will develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. We have planned indoor and outdoor activities using Moving Smart, all designed to get your child up and moving. 

With our 14,500m nature block, our educators turn outdoor play into a fun opportunity to develop skills. We also have a range of toys and equipment to promote movement throughout the day, from babies through to kindergarteners.

Children Play in Bundaberg North, QLD
Abecedarian Approach

The Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a) is an evidence-based set of teaching and learning strategies, developed by Prof. Joseph Sparling and Prof. Craig Ramey, for early childhood professionals, parents and other caregivers to use with children from birth to 5 years of age at home, in early childhood education & care settings and in the community.  This approach promotes the development of secure attachment bonds between parents and children, and supports the development of cognitive, socio-emotional, motor and communication skills to provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning and engaged participation in community and school life.

There are 4 simple, yet powerful elements within the Abecedarian Approach:

  1. Language as a PriorityA commitment to making every experience and opportunity for talking, listening and learning language.
  2. Enriched Caregiving: Talking, singing, rhyming, asking questions and interacting in other fun ways with your child during mealtimes, nappy changes, toileting, bath-time, nap-time and many other routine times of the day; 
  3. Conversational Reading: Individual and pair reading, picture exploration and storytelling with one or two children at a time which assists children to develop joint attention, turn-taking, receptive language and expressive language skills;  
  4. Learning Games: Play with a purpose – 200 fun games can be played anytime, anywhere.

    For more information about Abecedarian Approach Australia and a free online copy of the Language Priority, Enriched Caregiving, Conversational Reading, and Learning Games Family Booklets, please visit the University of Melbourne 3a website and for more information about the development of the Abecedarian Approach, please visit The Carolina Abecedarian Project website.

Childrens Coloring in Bundaberg North, QLD
Kindy Program

To help your child move to the next stage of their school life, our qualified early childhood teacher has implemented a Queensland Government approved education program for kindergarten students. Through a play-based curriculum and regular excursions and incursions, we can maximise learning before they enter primary school.

Reconciliation Action Plan

At our Bundaberg early learning centre, we have a implemented a Reconciliation Action Plan to include the history and culture of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children into our curriculum. Through the Narragunnawali online platform and the Early Years Learning Framework, we have access to resources to help our educators foster a higher level of knowledge and pride for Indigenous traditions. 

We plan fun and engaging activities to help build a sense of belonging and community in young Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. Our educators ensure that all lessons are taught in a respectful and inclusive manner.

Childrens Playing in Bundaberg North, QLD
Aerial Arts/Dancing

As a part of our Moving Smart program, our educators provide regular dancing and aerial arts sessions. Through these classes, your child will:

Rhee Taekwondo

Rhee Taekwondo is a nationwide fitness program taught to children as young as 3 years old. As a non-competitive martial art, the class focuses on teaching children:

These classes are taught in a fun, safe and controlled environment with a qualified instructor. As well as promoting physical activity, it also helps children improve confidence and self esteem, increase concentration and enables them to think independently.